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Call Today: 954-726-2500

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Re-funding Education

C. Watson & Associates, PA is an accountning and tax firm dedicated to ensuring that our children become responsible citizens. In our economically unsure climate, the institutions charged with this task, our community Daycare centers and Schools, find that they are beset with budget shortages, and rising costs. In order to offset some of those costs, and support our community, and be a part of our children's future, C. Watson & Associates, PA, would like to Re-fund Education.

What is Re-funding Education? 

Re-funding Education is our program to make Tax Returns pay dividends to educational facilities and institutions. We have a wonderful offer that will help you provide new or enhanced services at your facility. Whether it is funds to purchase music equipment, computers, textbooks, or just basic supplies, we want to make sure you receive them, when you need them. 

The premise of Re-funding Education is this:

  • Each new return that our firm processes belonging to a parent, faculty or staff members at your facility, we will donate $40 to your "Re-funding Education" Fund. 
  • Should any of those individuals retain our services in subsequent years, we will donate $20 to your "Re-funding Education" Fund. 


If we process returns for 50 parents or staff members, who name your facility, you will receive $2000 for your school's use. If those same individuals return the next year you will receive $1000. 

At C.Watson & Associates we believe in giving back to our community, and if you believe as we do, we would be more than happy to begin this partnership with you. If this helps one child, or fifty, we want to be the ones who help make the difference. Let us make Re-funding Education a way to enhance the resources available to our kids. 

Thank you for your support and we look forward to working with you in the future. Please contact us for any further questions or to schedule a meeting at (954)726-2500.